Group Buy Round Six: American Adventurist Edition Trasharoo

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Shipped price to all 50 states is $75.

How do you get one? Follow these 4 simple steps:

1. Post in this thread with your SCREEN NAME and FIRST NAME and the color you want - Black, Green or Tan.

2. Go to the PayPal button (Donate) at the bottom of this screen and send your money.

3. Send me a PM once you have paid with your order details and your shipping address!

4. Get your AAV Edition Trasharoo when they arrive!
No spare on the rear of the 4Runner, and the lift gate don't work well as a hanging spot. This weekend, I figured out where to hang the Trasharoo. Out of the way, yet easy to get to. Thanks again for offering these!


(Yea, I know I'm in a campground... It was our first outing in the Hiker, and I wanted it to be an easy, stress free weekend for Deb. Plus, there's no dispersed camping within at least 200 miles of home.)
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