Group Buy: American Adventurist Edition - Last US Bag

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Holy crap these things are freaking awesome!!!!!
Quality is insane - fit and finish great.

I can't believe we paid $100 for these, worth every penny.

Thanks for setting this up, Dave - let me know if I can reimburse you for the drop ship charge.

I think the truck deserves a wash before I put this beauty on. (lol, beauty trash bag - 2020 am I right??)


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Whoever gets a nice glamour shot or two of their bag on their rig in the wild has a very high chance of being featured on AAV social media for the world to see.

Wow! I just got mine, and it is way better than I ever expected for $100! There's no comparison with these and the $75 Trasheroo of a couple years ago. Those were nice; these are incredible! I'm going to need to add some of their other small bags to my wish list.

Gray is pretty nice after all. Darker than it looked in the photos. Thank you for arranging this, @Dave !

By the way; when I ordered this in October, it was with the intent of hanging it from the Gobi ladder on my 4Runner. I had no intention at that time of changing vehicles. But something changed, and there's a 2021 somethingorother inbound for late January/early February. And it isn't going to have a ladder or rear mounted spare... Now I'll have this and the barely used Trasheroo on the Hiker trailer. Talk about trailer trash! :cool:



Test fit was a success. Fits nice and tightly on our rear cargo box, and it answers my biggest question - the LUSB bag definitely avoids that "saggy diaper butt" problem I had with the Trasharoo. Our Trasharoo gave great service for the last ~7 years, but because we mounted it on a small rear door storage and not a 35" tire, it always hung low. I'm stoked for this one!


No idea why I never check this forum- that would be much more useful than the Trasharoo I have still sitting, unused, in the shipping box because it's way too large for my needs.
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