Full-size flatbed Aluminum tray recommendations?


I currently have a 8’ x 8’ steel bed on my truck but I wanted to do something in aluminum worth under the bed storage for Tools and other things. I am curious if anybody could recommend some good quality trays made for my style of truck. Thank you
These are the guys who built the tray that's under my flatbed camper: https://www.uteltd.com/

I bought the rig turn-key, so I cannot provide any insight into how they are to work with as a company, but I like that my tray is very simple and low-profile. The previous owner who built the rig was really focused on keeping the camper tight to the body and cab, so tire-size and tray height were selected with that in mind.


I have stainless under-tray boxes (that as far as I know were built by another company), but they also seem to offer a polyethylene box with stainless door. I received the drop-down sides, etc. with my purchase but they're just sitting in my shed as I have yet to ever remove the camper.
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