Fire Pits for Camp Tahquitz

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At last year's Mountain Rendezvous, we could not have campfires due to fire restrictions. I expect the same this year.

That said, Ranger Rick was pretty keen on the propane fire pits that some of you brought to the event. This got me thinking, wouldn't it be nice if we were able to donate some of these units to the camp for the kids to use when fire bans are in effect?

So, there are 5 fire ring locations in the basin where we hold MRV. I'm asking for 5 donations from our Community to be presented to Ranger Rick at the event for use by the Scouts.


1. @steve c
2. @RoamingRobertsons
3. @richard310
4. @Matt
5. @Tim R.

*Special recognition will be provided for those who step up to support the Scouts! ;)

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I need to check finances but I'd love to do this. Let me check finances and get back here in a day or two

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If someone feels the need to drop out there are a few of us from the SoCal80s group on Mud are willing to fill in.

Great job all.
Nathan, I'm sure they'd welcome an extra one or two

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