Dave's Jeep JT Gladiator: The 'Gator


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Dave I think the pack is fine where it is, it does not block radiator so cooling obstruction is not a factor. Looks nice and clean. Why not use a SAE plug for your solar instead of the anderson, flush mount it and it is smaller.


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Now I’m down to my last open slot on the sPOD. Rock lights will go on next and then the lighting is done.

Then it’s time to move on to under body protection in the form of control arm and shock mount skid plates.
Dave, another wiring question. I looked through your build here and your JLUR, I see you pass wires from the engine bay through that small plug in the drivers side footwell. Did you use foam or silicon to seal around the wires? Also, see you used a drain plug for entry for your in cab 12v power, did you do similar for the compressor? I’m sketching out my wiring plan and your threads are invaluable. Thanks for the details.
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