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Colorado or Bust: Overland Expo Mountain West 2021


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Overland Expo Mountain West almost didn’t happen. For most of us, the last year+ was like a dystopian B movie on many levels, complete with terrible casting and an even worse plot line. Because of all that, there was an uncomfortable feeling right up until the day I drove away from Florida for Colorado that this event would somehow get derailed too. I know the event organizers likely aged a few years with worry and lost sleep over the what if’s that were spawned in our minds as a result of 2020.

Spoiler Alert: The pandemic and shutdowns of 2020 conspired to put Overland Expo out of business, but Lodestone and this community are RALLYING in 2021. My hat is off to all those at Lodestone from the very top all the way down to the volunteers on the ground that made this happen in Colorado. This event was a huge success...

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I see you found Tims Overlander doppelganger Prius!

Great write up! I had a client that weekend but I'll clear it for next years event!
Great event! Lots of first-timers walking around checking out the scene with day passes. Perfect location for an event like this.
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