Ceramic Coating. Worth it??


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Picked up a brand new 2023 Bronco Wildtrak this past Sunday and was curious if you all have done ceramic coating and is it worth $1000 for a 5 year package to have it done professionally. I have never done it on any of my rigs and try to clay them at least once a year and wax them twice a year. My goal is not so much pinstripe protection (PPF for that) but just to keep the paint nice a fresh looking.

Would love to hear everyone's experience or thoughts.
I applied Adams ceramic coating about a year ago maybe a bit more. It holds up decent, water still beads up, post wheeling car wash stop cleans up easy before the hand wash in the driveway. If you really plan to use your Bronco offroad and the potential for pinstripes is high I don't feel its worth $1000.00. If you already have some basic detailing skills then by all means apply ceramic coating its not difficult and quite a few product manufactures have great YouTube videos. I used the best kit available from Adams and they had a how to video. I think I spent $150.00.
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