A Lonely Night in Paradise


We had gotten word that Humberto, his son Phillip, and Matt and his family—who all had left earlier that morning—had arrived at a locked gate leading to the campsite, so we called the first audible of the trip to find a secondary site. Plan B was a nicely tucked away site: Paradise Campground, just off Highway 154. With a site named such a way, how bad could it possibly be? It was a bit of a drive from our initial point but close enough to arrive before sunset. We made the call, and Humberto and Matt headed to the new site with us not far behind.
We arrived at Paradise Campground with the sun just starting to set, with Humberto and Matt already set up. The night’s terrible site was a well maintained one with flushing toilets and running water and plenty of flat ground for the group’s tents, roof or ground. We were definitely roughing it hardcore in Paradise. After we arrived, we had gotten word that Jon, Brian, and Mitch would be arriving on night two, with Stuart and Cris arriving...

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Nice writeup fellas, I live in Paso Robles; I'll have to keep my eyes out for you guys next time to say hello. Great stuff from the local area! Looking forward to the next story.
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