A better trail trash bag?


I've had my GARB from NB Expeditions on my trailer spare, used hard, since May 2018. The GARB is designed and made by a couple military guys in New Brunswick.

Summer 2018: Lake camping in the woods of New Hampshire

On my trailer spare since May 2018. That's twenty months and around 40,000 miles of every kind of road and environment and weather one can imagine; from the salty coast of Maine to the Smoky mountains of East Tennessee, from the swamps and bayous of southern Louisiana to the wild humidity and salt air of the Gulf of Mexico, and the biggest test, the raw and unfiltered sun and rugged trails of seventeen weeks of Chihuahuan Desert in the borderlands in West Texas.

I stay out for months at a time and like gear I can depend on without worry.

I put the GARB on my trailer spare the day after I got it twenty months ago and have never had to adjust it once. Seriously.

I've loaded it with all kinds of stuff, though it usually holds returnables on one side and non-food waste trash on the other. The first units had a divider down the middle, attached with HD Hook & Loop. They now make it as one large interior pocket.

I've kept gallons of spring water in the bottom and hauled firewood with it. I keep gloves and trash bags in the pockets.

I like that it has several places to stash things. I love that it has built-in D-rings for attaching the corners of trash bags to keep them open. Instead of tying the bags to the corners, I use small stick toggles like one might on a corner of a tarp or rainfly.

Stick toggles to hold standard grocery type bag.

I keep gallon jugs under the bag on this side and fill the other side with returnables/recyclables. Each side will hold two fifteen pack boxes side by side, two tall.

I use it every day.

Of all the vendors I've dealt with peddling new products, I have to say the guys at NB Expeditions have been great; in design, communication, and quality of product.

#noaffiliation, #notsponsored - I just love the product, paid full price when they first started producing these, and believe in these guys.

It's a great bit of kit.

Here are some other images of it in use:

Desert camping along the border in various spots late winter/spring 2019 for 17 weeks

2019-0808, in the woods of New England.

My GARB is honestly one of the few pieces of gear that gets used every day, whether set up for basecamp like this, quick one-night stops on the trail, or rolling on the interstate for days. You can see the GARB doesn't sag and has not faded appreciably.

They have it in a range of colors.

Here's an image I took in Aug 2019, after it being in the weather and on the road all over the country for fifteen months:


It could use a good cleaning and spray after all this time with some 303 Fabric Guard Protectorant.
I should have done that this past spring.

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Lots of attention to detail here, and some features I had never thought of.


One buckle to open it - easy


Lid has a roomy zippered mesh compartment and there’s a drawstring closure as well


Built in frame sheet doubles as a cutting board in camp


This bag was designed to be hosed out with good sized grommets for drainage



Dual zippers allow full access to what’s inside


Side storage and lashing options are first rate


Loops to attach your disposable trash bag inside so it doesn’t fall down - excellent idea

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