2024 Desert Rendezvous Buy-Sale-Trade Thread

Tim R.

All Attendees:
-Have those items building up and want to get a head start on spring cleaning?
-Update your gear and want to make space for the new stuff?
-Looking for something that someone may have?
-Patches? Want to do some trading or buy/sell some?
-POST IT HERE!!! No sellers fees! No vendors please (Vendors can deliver items to customers prearranged before DRV weekend)
-Please include photos off all items.
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Price Change $300.00 with mount Delivery to Event
Must be paid in full. I don't want to carry it around with me for 2 week trip after Rendezvous.

Co2 tank with regulator and valve protector handle $300.00
Mounting bracket $75.00


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2014-2021 Toyota Tundra, passenger side bed panel by Cali Rasied $100.00
Missing mounting hardware but can be sourced at hardware store.



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new in box cable tire chains (cobra jr. model 1678)
claim to fit 305/70R16, 285/75R16, 295/75R16, 285/65R17, 285/70R17, 295/70R17, 305/70R17, 265/75R17, 285/65R18, 265/70R18, 265/60R20, 305/45R22, 33x12.5R15, 33X12.5R16.5, 33x12.5R17, 33X12.5R18, 33x12.5R20, 33x12.5R22. your fit may vary.
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Griot’s Garage Car Organizer 13”x4” $10.00 (Never used)


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Pelican 1010 Micro Case (Black/Clear) $10 each - I have 2 of them
WATER RESISTANT CASE: crushproof, and dustproof protection . IP67 Certification = water resistant for 30 minutes when submerged at 3.3 feet

DIMENSIONS (LxWxD | Inches): EXTERIOR - 5.88" x 4.06" x 2.12" | INTERIOR - 4.37" x 2.87" x 1.68"


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Igloo Ultra Marine Cooler 72 quart - plus a insulated cover for extreme weather $85

Dimensions: 30.06” x 16.5” x 16.13”
Only used once.

Also included is a "offroad trail tools" insulated cover.

Ultratherm® insulation offers cooling performance and keeps ice up to 5 days
Holds 114 cans
Features an integrated fish ruler on lid
Ultraviolet inhibitors protect the cooler against sun damage
Rust-resistant stainless steel screws and lid strap
Stainless steel hinged latch (added my me - it came with plastic)
Threaded drain plug hooks up to hose for quick clean up
Marine-grade hinges
Non-slip grip handles provide comfortable carrying
Capacity: 72 Quart

They sell new for $150 at dick's sporting good see link https://tinyurl.com/ypqrwrm2


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Ford F150 or 250 center Console tray $10
Fits 2015 - 2020 - it does fit a Lariet
and should work for the other models including Rapters

Tray for Ford Truck center console armrest. Approximately 11” X 12 3/4”

Built-in 4 non-slip mat to prevent the center console from rolling and eliminates unwanted noise.

No modification needed, Easy installation. Maximize the storage in your Ford Center Console,


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Buck 760 Whittaker Red Multi Tool Folding Knife $30

Clearing out my knife collection - this was never used.
Buck Knives 760T Red Peter Whittaker Pocket Knife - Multi Tool This beautiful Whittaker Mountain knife features an extremely sharp half serrated knife, corkscrew, can opener and screwdriver
Blade Length: 2 1/2" Folded Length: 4" Open Length: 6 3/4" Blade Material: Stainless Steel


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COLEMAN Hot Water On Demand Portable Camping Water Heater w/ NEW 6 Volt Battery $180

Includes a attachment for taking a hot shower.
You can charge via the included car charger or 110 volt

Easy to use portable propane-powered heater with a battery-powered pump.
Only use a few times - not needed due to having a truck camper with hot water.It is perfect for a van camper or tenting.

NOTES: We just put in a new battery for this.

It does not come with a attachable 5 gal collapsable water container. It can be bought on Amazon for $13. We found a better solution is to put the pump in your own water container.

* Hot water in less than 5 seconds (100f)
* Full size faucet fold into handle
* Heat up to 40 gallons with a 16.4 oz. propane cylinder
* For even more hot water, adapt to a bulk propane tank
* Rechargeable 6 volt battery pumps the water
* Battery rechargeable in the car or off of a household outlet
* Dimensions: 17” x 10” x 16” in.
* Model No.2000007107


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KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Knife, Straight $70 or Best Offer - or would consider a trade for a "good" bottle of Whiskey
Never used
* Weight: 0.68 lbs
* Blade length 7"
* Overall length 11-7/8"


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Hazard4 Photo Recon Sling Bag
$60 at DRV.

Black exterior
Coyote tan interior.

Have used this just a few times and went a different route to lug around full frame DSLR, a few lenses, and accessories. This bag has been sitting for a number of years in the closet but is still in great, like-new condition.

No visible wear or tears. Zippers function flawlessly. Main strap clip holds strong. Comes with cross support strap.

Comes with two(2) internal padded dividers in the main compartment.


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Bayonet OKC3S Marine Corps Ontario Knife Company Scabbard Genuine USMC Issue (New Old Stock)
If you know, you know. Nothing else to say. (Imagine walking around a DR with this on your belt.)
$140 cash and carry.
knife USMC.jpg

knife USMC open.jpg

USMC markings 1.jpg

USMC markings 2.jpg
Bayonet OKC3S Marine Corps Ontario Knife Company Scabbard Genuine USMC Issue (New Old Stock)
If you know, you know. Nothing else to say. (Imagine walking around a DR with this on your belt.)
$140 cash and carry.

I collect bayonets, this is very tempting... for anyone wondering, IMO this is the pinnacle of US bayonet design and manufacture.
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