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Tim R.

It is time again for the Desert Rendezvous, so that means it is time for all of you chefs out there to start planning what marvelous dishes you are going to create to win fantastic prizes and the awe and respect of your fellow Adventurists. Whether you are participating in the potluck or the Camp Cooking Competition, part of the fun of this weekend is sharing your favorite camp foods.

We don't need to explain the POTLUCK, but the competitors that enter the Camp Cooking Competition will receive an additional raffle ticket (one per registered member that competes regardless of number of dishes made).

Yes, there will be PRIZES for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

If you choose to compete in the Camp Cooking Competition, the rules are pretty simple:

1. Prepare a dish of any sort (entree, side, or dessert) on site at the Rendezvous at the MAIN FIRE RING.
2. Simple prep work can be done at home or in camp, but please no cooking at home and simply rewarming at MAIN FIRE RING.
3. Make as much or as little as you wish. The more folks that get to to eat your dish, the more potential voters and hence votes you could get.

Voting will be done as in the past:

1. Everyone will get three tickets to use to vote for the dishes they like best.
2. Use one, two, or all three tickets to vote for your favorite(s).
3. The dish with the most votes WINS! And yes you can vote for your own dish.

Please vote in the poll so we can get a rough idea of what is needed. Peach Cobbler is great, but if everyone is bringing desserts, folks might want more variety.

Responses to the poll and this list will be viewable to the other members. Don't get called out for being "that guy". ;)

Please see @Stuart at the check in booth up until 1500 on Saturday to give me the exact title of your dish and get your assigned spot on the judging table(s) to make voting for the Camp Cooking Competition go smoothly.

After you post in this thread, I'll update the list with your screen name, RSVP# and what specifically you plan on bringing. If you're not sure yet, no worries.

Gentle reminder: If you show up with a HUGE empty food tray but failed to contribute, you're THAT GUY...

Hold up now, everybody knows that you get one raffle ticket just for showing up with an RSVP.

Now you're saying that you can get a SECOND raffle ticket for participating in this Camp Cooking Competition, so it’s easy to get at least TWO raffle tickets for the BIG drawing?

But wait! There's more...

If you WIN the Camp Cooking competition as a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place you will win one of three prizes offered just for the Camp Cooking competition.


So that's like THREE chances to win something just for being a stand-up guy/gal and participating in the Camp Cookoff on Saturday night!
What is the cooking situation at the main fire ring? What will we need to cook our dish? Provide our own charcoal, grill, etc.?

Yes you provide you own cooking source.
BBQ grill
Dutch Oven
Prep work can be done at your campsite but we ask you finalize as close to the main fire ring or serving area. If you wish to compete you we will have a space available at the tables with your assigned number or you can choose to serve from your cooking station near the serving tables. One word of advice is to get there early as space is a premium and the better prepared the more people will eat your food. Just tell us at check in what you prefer.
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