2022 Mountain Rendezvous Sale/Swap Meet Thread

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I have a used, but like new condition, Engel 45 Transit Bag. Used it for a short time before I put the fridge in a Goose Gear camp kitchen. $100
I also have an Engel Transit Slide Lock that was never used. I believe it works with the 45 and 35. $50.

I'll probably only bring the bag and slide lock if someone posts here that they want them as space will probably be tight in the rig. Leaving tomorrow (Friday) morning around 9-10 if you're interested let me know and I'll pack them for the trip.

I also have a 67 Designs iPad holder for iPad 11 Pro (gen 1-3) or iPad Air (4th gen). Only fits the iPad "naked" without a case. $40
I'm hoping to arrive SAT afternoon. Some other family commitments popped up, better late than never. I'm putting a feeler out for some gear I could bring along to sell. I'm liquidating some stuff I'm not using. Sorry for not itemizing prices, this was a last minute thought. I'll be in my blue F350 (see pic) with an AT Habitat. Cash preferred, though I might consider PayPal or Zelle.

- Dometic CF-50 (single zone) with Dometic cover, has AC/DC cords, works perfect. I bought a National Luna unit and this is sitting.
- Dometic power supply, scuffed but works perfect, has all cords ... even the solar panel jumper cord (anderson) ... nice companion to my Dometic fridge.
- Basically brand new Wrappon toilet (cords, remote, manuals, poop bags) in a nice AluBox - I'm unsure if I'm selling, but I'm not using it and if I get a legit offer it'll go.
- NIB National Luna 12V split charger system, NIB 12v Orion DC to DC charger - I bought a green top National Luna power pack, so this is all redundant.
- Basically new CharBroil Grill 2 Go setup, with carry case and correct LP gas hose
- FrontRunner wolf pack with high top lid (original version).
- Yeti thermal zip bag.
- Exped MegaMat 19 LXW (inflates but needs attention). I recently used this in Baja. It has a pinhole leak ... put it in your pool and get some rubber cement.
- NIB 10" Cabelas cast iron Dutch Oven w/carry case.
- Basically new Jackery 1000 zippered carry case.
- Two (unused) AT Overland aluminum jerry can mounts

Shoot me any specific questions (via text), thx

Wally K
c 9494665452


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