2020 Desert Rendevous For Sale/Trade/Barter

Anyone interested in a Nemo Heliopolis shower tent? used twice but then got a great deal on an En Suite so this is extra. I‘m not sure I have a photo of mine set up but it looks just like this one. $250 new, I’ll sell mine for $100.

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Did you bring that to DRV? I'm in the gypsy trailer here and would like to see it. I don't have that much cash, PayPal?
2019 Smittybilt trailer for sale with Over Camp tent, Road Shower, awning, 10 gallon water tank, 50 qt fridge , rear bumper and spare tire carrier, propane tank and mount, 100 amp hour battery and more.
I am at the desert rendezvous and you can come look at the trailer.
I'm getting a different trailer so this one we'll have to go.

IMG_20200220_183441027.jpg IMG_20200220_095356316_HDR.jpg IMG_20200220_161736232.jpg IMG_20200220_145222746_HDR.jpg IMG_20200221_112900557_HDR.jpg IMG_20200221_112939246_HDR.jpg IMG_20200220_161746895.jpg
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I’ll take that :)
Dave, again, sorry I missed this. I had already hit the road for DRV when these posted. I'll get the BBQ box and awning (sans poles) packed up and the shipping cost figured out ASAP and DM you details and we can go from there. Travel safe on the way home!
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