2018 Lexus GX build

Busy weekend! Worked on wiring put in 20-25 hours Saturday through Monday morning.

The good news, I have power on!!! It’s gets frustrating after working on wiring all weekend and not be able to see significant results like last weekend.

The BCDC is powered up, feeding the house or second battery, feeding the bus bar, feeding the rear fuse panel.

Still have a bunch to do:

Trim carpet and install the battery box.
Complete the sPOD installation.
Wire the NOCO trickle charger to the batteries.
Wire up the ARB compressor.
Install USB chargers.
Install fridge socket.
Route wiring for Jerry can faucet.
Install exterior lighting.

F90BCA0D-1329-4845-AF63-522861557F96.jpeg FD472348-4C7A-4CE0-9A28-14D36C164416.jpeg FA77E988-F76E-44D6-8334-C8F3277E4A6A.jpeg F3D0B2FC-EFFD-4340-928C-7373378BC662.jpeg 09FACA99-5EAD-42A8-B173-52FF0F0363EA.jpeg
Another weekend of wiring, 12 hours on Saturday had the help of Will G. Wouldn’t have gotten as much done without his help! Installed two high amperage USBs, two 12 volt sockets for fridge and water spigot, connected the trigger wire for the sPOD, fabricated a bracket to mount the sPOD switch panel to the driver assist handle, routed the sPOD switch panel up the A pillar, plumbed the air line and mounted the hose QD on the receiver hitch. Vacation trip starts next Friday!!!

EDE783A4-B06F-451D-9484-5ED458225847.jpeg EFD899B0-DDAB-4F00-8C4A-28F605ECDEB2.jpeg 8DCB984D-5880-4454-A44A-68DB007F8234.jpeg
Tidy some items up this weekend. We added extra gussets to the ARB Dual Compressor Mount and one of them ended up blocking installation of the air filter. For my most recent trip I did a quick relocation of the air filter but that looked like crap although functional. I removed the mount, notched the gusset and sprayed just the edge that I ground out. Reinstalled and now is a much cleaner look. I also added a lanyard to the Whits End pacifier on the air chuck.

7916128C-BCA3-41C2-BFA1-CD2803502FD2.jpeg ED603DFA-1FE9-4CB3-ABD4-7D2AC087C28D.jpeg C0F60529-54A8-4155-9ED4-80435A6AB741.jpeg B5389574-F6E1-4414-8962-F19F1C57E54A.jpeg 6A09005E-9B77-493F-BB3F-BACEBA892AFE.jpeg

I’ll be building a shelf/shroud around the compressor mount once the rainy season kicks in a couple months from now. I also finally mounted up Quick Fist to the front of the Truckvault platform. Again another item that didn’t get resolved before the trip and was annoying as I dislike loose rattling possible dangerous items bouncing around on the floor.
Picked up another Last US Bag nut sack. Theses bags are super useful. This one I’m going to put a few basic tools in. If I need a screwdriver, pliers, tire gauge or multi tool they’ll be easily accessible in the right rear passenger door F0AD1DB0-47F0-4B0E-9A75-FD8FF47A0E0E.jpeg 76EE55B2-894D-4111-A260-E2082FDB2D65.jpeg 138FEA43-DE20-4AB1-949C-F825DAC8890A.jpeg 0C884ED5-88F2-4CB3-B266-BD58BCE5A797.jpeg
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This continues to be an amazing build thread. I look forward to it like a great TV show that's only on once a week. I can't wait to see what's next!
One thing that stuck out quickly on my last big trip by the second night of cooking was my cookware and stove storage. Prior to my simple fix the stove was stored at the bottom of the drawer with cookware stacked on top. If needed to warm a pot water I had to unpack all my cookware, lame. Simple solution was to reverse the stack. Place the cookware under the stove. I grabbed some 1’x1’ L extrusion from the scrap bin at work, buffed the edges, and screwed them the the drawer dividers.
CD62E5D5-CBD7-4CE8-8B78-7E54745D3186.jpeg 150ED9CE-483E-49CC-B88B-AB5AFD827FF9.jpeg
The tea towels and pot holders serve two functions, primarily the intended function but also noise abatement for clanging pots and pans.

Another item that has worked well is the MSR Dromedary bags for water storage.


In my Taco I ran 2 Scepter 20 liter water jugs. On this build I don't have the real estate to accommodate two big hard plastic jugs. I picked up two of the 10 Liter bags and substituted them for one of the Scepters. They fit perfectly on the floor behind the drivers seat and under it. As I drain my main water jug I can resupply it with the Dromedary bags, roll them up and stow them in a very small space. Once at a grocery store they can easily be transported in for a refill at a filtered water machine or bottled gallon jugs.
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