1996 Jeep XJ

My favorite part is that they are simple and easy to learn how to fix.

Had some idling issues lately also would stutter/bog down at acceleration. Was getting worse so I look at my throttle body and my IAC Valve.

Cleaned up the throttle body, going to seafoam it later this week hopefully.


Pulled out my IAC and was blown away and how dirty it was. There was dirt and grime inside where it sits as well. Cleaned it all up with throttle body cleaner and a tooth brush and some Q-tips.

unnamed (4).jpg

Here it is all cleaned up. May get a new one soon, it's had a rough life.

The idling issue has been resolved and no more bogging down at acceleration. Stoked :D
The closed system cooling system runs at a higher pressure and is in fact more efficient at cooling. Yet, it's such a pain to bleed the air out properly I switched to an open system on mine.


Reading through this thread to give me some inspiration, as I am seriously considering picking up an xj soon... great family wheeler, if I do say so myself.
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