Porsche Cayenne Expo

Thanks for the tips and photos, will have to let you know what we find at the end of July for when y'all go in August.
Agree Idaho is beautiful - we have a weakness for Basque style food especially Epi's Basque Restaurant in Meridian, ID. Camped along an off-road trail outside of Ketchum with friends then explored abandoned mining camps.
"I've been all over Idaho. It is by far my most favorite state in the nation for rugged unspoiled wilderness activity. A veritable Sportman's Paradise! If when you get back into Idaho via Lolo Pass, stop in at Lolo Pass visitor center and next to the Hot Springs if you have time. If the water's up consider a raft trip down the mighty Lochsa along ID-12 Idaho Scenic Byway. Another favorite drive of mine. Lots of great camping along its route but consider Selway Falls: an offshoot on the Lochsa. Incredibly scenic and great Morel Mushroom hunting areas. As you drive ID 12 heading west, stop in and drive through some of the NF CG's along the route for future reference. some are really nice and I've stayed at many. Now mind your manners out there. Theys a' HANGING + BUTCHERin up the road..."
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