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I've been working on making my Cayenne a more capable for camping and mild off road trips. Some mods to my Cayenne. Behind the front seats is an Engle 17qt fridge and Yeti soft cooler, front runner water bladder. In the rear cargo area is a Dometic 25 fridge, Ark Pak , Lift Trax , 5lb C02 tank , two Alu boxes.

I found the car handled very well off road.


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Looks like good times :) So I just don't know and I'm going to ask....what's the 5lb CO2 tank for? I guess it must go to the fridges?
It has been commonplace for off roaders to carry a 10lb C02 tanks (ie Powertank etc) . This gives the user a finite amount of air to fill up tires , run air tools (limited). I have ,of course, a Viair compressor but I like the speed the tank fills tires. I've plugged a tire on my Land Cruiser and filled the tire in less than five minutes. I also like the extra spare time when airing up in a goup I am done in five minutes or so and have a good half hour waiting for the others to air up with compressors. I went with a 5lb tank due to space restrictions in the Porsche.

Here is a thread on the tank build http://http://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/117910-5lb-CO2-tank


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That is one extremely well outfitted Porsche! Thanks for sharing and welcome to AAV!



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Holy cow... way cool... I don't know if I could ever do that to a Porsche; I lust for a Cayenne and a Panamera.

I can see you've done very well in the oil industry. ;)


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Clearly you must be exploring for new oil resources in Southwest Asia... what else would bring you to that region?


Flower industry?

Lead Farming? :D


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Yes I have and I've seem your posts over the years on the Expo Portal. Sometimes my wry observations can be too subtle so lets just settle for "nice Porsche." :)
View attachment 31481 Mike, just signed up here - good to see another Cayenne!
We have been busy exploring the Northwest WABDR, going the Northwest Overland Rally next weekend for our fourth year and will do the IBDR portion of the Magruder Corridor and the Lolo Motorway in July.
Otis Porsche
I'm looking to do the Magruder Corridor in August. Check in at the local ranger station in Elk City or Red River in the west or at Darby on the Montana side as to road/snow conditions. Magruder usually doesn't open until late July or August in my experience. mainly due to snowpack, washouts and blown down trees.
Thanks for the heads up! One of our group is going to do a pre-run prior to. We will be starting in Elk City then up towards Lolo where we turn west again. Are you located in the Northwest?
Thanks for the heads up! One of our group is going to do a pre-run prior to. We will be starting in Elk City then up towards Lolo where we turn west again. Are you located in the Northwest?
Definitely call before you drive all the way to Elk City unless you just like awesome scenery. I don't live in the west currently but am hoping to purchase some land in Idaho soon. This next trip will be focused predominately on that. The Drive from Grangeville to Elk City ID-14 along the South Fork of the Clearwater and American Rivers is Scenic but can take up to an hour or more depending on rock slides and the length of the road itself. Red River Hot Springs on 234 before the turnoff to Magruder is worth the soak if it's open and you have time. Also last I heard the ranger station at Red River was closed and all forest business was deferred to Elk City. Make sure to stock up on all needful items like fuel food and ? There are little to no services in Elk City. In case you didn't know, I think The Magruder Corridor is 117 miles long and absolutely no services until you reach Darby Montana which is an added distance from the corridor to the town. Plan accordingly.

Elk City Ranger District
Address: 416 Usfs Dr, Elk City, ID 83525
Phone 208 842-2245

Darby Ranger District
P.O. Box 388
Darby, MT 59829
(406) 821-3913
I've been all over Idaho. It is by far my most favorite state in the nation for rugged unspoiled wilderness activity. A veritable Sportman's Paradise! If when you get back into Idaho via Lolo Pass, stop in at Lolo Pass visitor center and next to the Hot Springs if you have time. If the water's up consider a raft trip down the mighty Lochsa along ID-12 Idaho Scenic Byway. Another favorite drive of mine. Lots of great camping along its route but consider Selway Falls: an offshoot on the Lochsa. Incredibly scenic and great Morel Mushroom hunting areas. As you drive ID 12 heading west, stop in and drive through some of the NF CG's along the route for future reference. some are really nice and I've stayed at many. Now mind your manners out there. Theys a' HANGING + BUTCHERin up the road...
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