How about Pizza? At camp or in the backyard?


Greetings American Adventurists,

I have been looking at portable pizza ovens (wood and propane.) Please share what is working for you.

I love pizza and was inspired to build my own backyard woodfired pizza oven.

I bought a refractory cast pizza oven that needed to be built. Attached are some photos for your entertainment.

I used some Catalina Island tiles and some 100 year old bricks to give it the rustic look.

Take care.
pizza a.jpg
pizza b.jpg
pizza c.jpg
pizza d.jpg
That pizza oven is amazing, you will be amazed at what you can do with it. I'm jealous of it. For folks that have ever used something like that they will recognize how useful it is. I have a Big Green Egg that I have been using for years with a stone insert. Nothing like that smoke flavor on pizza or bread. For my travels I make a Dutch Oven pizza that I've not had any complaints about. Between the two I can keep the backyard folks and the off roading crew relatively well fed.

Great job on your oven!!!
Soooooo, I notice this isn't exactly portable. How will you spoil us with pizza at this year's Mountain Rendezvous??!

Well @steve c , I answered the challenge. I picked up an Ooni Pizza Oven with a propane option.

It was a fun pizza party


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That's awesome!

I have the pellet fired Ooni, I thought it might be a gimmick (it was a gift), but man it really does work awesome.

So... terrible or brilliant idea?

Combined fire pit, grill, stove, pizza oven into one small package!

Had a fire pit, wanted a pizza oven, carrying a stove can be a pain.

So I picked up a cheap 14" charcoal grill, stole the lid and grate, made some slight modification and snagged a pizza stone! May add a wok or skillet if all works well.

I'll let you know..

Fire pit stove trials are going great! Well after I misjudged the pizza stone heat up time on the first go, so that one went to the dark side.. need a laser thermometer.

But that's why I brought two! 2nd BBQ chicken Pizza was great! Hope to dial it in more.

Now even more exciting about the 15" wok/skillet I snagged just before the trip for $20, bomb breakfast, BLTs, steak! Fell like I can ditch the stove for most trips now.
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