EVENT FULL!! 2024 Desert Rendezvous: Official Thread

Added to Calendar: 22-02-24, 23-02-24, 24-02-24, 25-02-24

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looking forward to it.

I noticed that as of posting there are only 104 people signed up but 6 spots left with 120 total spots available. seems odd to me but I'm new here. :shrug
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Just registered, looking forward to my third trip with you guys!
Can you please post your PayPal transaction number? And make sure after paying you also hit the "register" button on 1st page. Not seeing your name currently.
We are at 119



I blocked-off and reserved your spots.

A. There is a $100 RSVP fee for each vehicle for the weekend (non-refundable/non-transferable).

B. Only ONE vehicle per RSVP. If you have a friend that wants to go in their own vehicle, they must register separately. Groups must register vehicles individually.

C. Follow these two (2) steps at the top of this page in order, and include your donation number in the text box provided in step 2.


D. Once you complete both steps, POST in this thread that you have RSVP'd! Completion of steps 1 and 2 will get you automatically added to the Official RSVP list!
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