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Hey Y’all, is anyone here running with a Bison Overland camper? I just put a down payment on a Flatbed shell model to fit an 8’ bed with the departure angle. I’ll be mounting it on my 2021 F350 DRW XL. I realize that DRW isn’t the best for Over-landing, but I am seeing this on more modern rigs as well. I mainly have the DRW to haul my excavator around town. Sure, it’d be nice to have a SRW but with the current vehicle market prices being what they are, I’m going to try and work with what I have and hope the prices will drop sooner than later. Right now I’d really like to know if anybody else on here is running with a similar camper or one made by Bison Overland? What did you have done to build out the inside and outside? One great thing is being that I am 6’9” tall, they are doing a custom interior height of either a 6’11” or 7’. This will be a hard sided camper. I am planning on doing a really nice build out on the inside but I wanted to see what other people might be running with. Thank you for your time, have a pleasant and wonderful rest of your day. This is my current set up and what I’m hoping it will evolve into more or less… The last photograph is of a rig that drove through my town here in North Idaho recently and a friend sent me the picture of it otherwise I would’ve flagged the guy down and begged him to show me the inside. Lol
Lee at Labyrinth Overland is partnering with Drew at Bison Overland and will soon be setting up shop in Fruita Colorado. He’s setting up shop with Travis at Element outdoors. Lee builds custom interiors . He was chief engineer on some mega yachts and he does nice work from what I can tell. Here are some photos of Lee’s Bison build. He went with a 12’ flatbed box on a Dodge 5500.

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I don’t know if I mentioned it earlier but I did put a down payment on a hard sided Bison Overland flatbed camper. I turned in my approximate basic drawings today. I am having the side entrance door go in through a interior wet bath and shower. This negates the need to have a door separately and conserves space. Here are the drawings I turned in today for the Shell build. What are likely I’m going to have Lee from labyrinth run all the electrical systems and the plumbing and then my buddy John and I are probably going to try and save some money and DIY the interior cabinetry and seating and bedding areas.
I'll be following this. I've been on an overland carousel on how I want to proceed with my next build.
One great thing about these guys is because they’re only making the shell with fans, windows and doors, so a shell isn’t anywhere nearly as expensive as all the other similar campers on the market. I’m not sure if the others even offer a shell. The lead time is decent too. If you DIY, then you’re looking at saving a ton! Sadly, I don’t have those skills…
Drew at bison offers a few other attachments and accessories like 8020 racks for solar. Quick release Jack mounting plates etc…
Although I didn’t see it shown on his website, they’re no longer going to be making pop ups. Just composite hard sided campers.
OK, today I got my finalized plans back from bison Overland. And I’m going to have them start the build. Definitely would love to have a new truck with a single rear wheel tire versus the Dooleys but as it stands, I’m working with what I have, and bottom line comes down to. I will be dragging a side-by-side with me everywhere for backcountry exploration, so until I can trade out the camper for a more narrower Home on wheels, this is what I’m going for. Here is the design layout, which also includes an inside shower. This is just the shell with a few added options like access doors along the bottom a couple of max air fans plus a little fan inside the shower and 8020 aluminum to build a solar rack And probably something else I’m forgetting. I’m tired.
Screenshot 2024-03-04 172002.png
Screenshot 2024-03-04 172003.png
Screenshot 2024-03-04 193625.png
Screenshot 2024-03-04 193840.png
Screenshot 2024-03-04 193930.png
Screenshot 2024-03-04 194008.png
Screenshot 2024-03-04 194119.png
Screenshot 2024-03-04 194229.png
Screenshot 2024-03-04 193711.png
The side entrance door, actually comes through the shower stall in order to conserve wall space.
I’m also having an aluminum tray built locally by Jacob Bagnel. He usually builds and repairs higher end aluminum fishing, skiing and pontoon boats. Here’s up here in Naples Idaho.
Headache rack will be removable via stake pockets. Also adding spare tire mount and 36 gallon fuel tank.
Aluminum flat bed tray is nearing completion!I also had some steel plates added to the frame where the hitch attaches. The brackets that came with the hitch were horribly inadequate!

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Beware galvanic corrosion when mounting an aluminum tray to a steel frame. Especially in areas that salt the roads in winter.

Highly recommend the use of some very sturdy HDPE pucks as washers at each mounting point.
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