overland trailer

  1. Timbren-Industries

    Let's Talk About DIY Trailer Builds - Axle-Less Trailer Suspension

    Let's talk trailer builds. We're grateful to work with a wide range of trailer manufacturers that run our Axle-Less Suspension. But, we're also huge fans of DIY trailer builds and stoked to chat more about them here! With an increase in DIY trailer builds, there are so many we have seen, not...
  2. VORSHEER Off-Road Trailer

    NEW 2019 VORSHEER - XOC and XOC-R Overland Trailers

    We are working quickly to have an XOC and XOC-R trailers ready for the SEMA convention in Las Vegas from Nov. 5th to Nov. 8th. These trailer will then be ready to ship to buyers or for pick-up in Las Vegas (Nov. 8th after 6 PM) or Springville, UT (Nov. 9th or after). We may also have a VRT ready...
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