Outwell Air Tent Pump failed on 2nd use


I’ve got an Outwell air tent with Outwell High Performance tent pump.

The tent was new last summer but I just bought it as new (unused) from eBay and I’ve only used it this year since Aug. This weekend was the 2nd trip but the pump did not seem to work. We could not get the pressure high enough or to hold when we stopped pumping. It was as if the air was coming back out of the pump.

I managed to borrow an Outwell Cyclone pump from someone on the site that just worked fine so thankfully the trip was not a disaster.

Therefore The tent seems fine but I can’t figure out what went wrong with my pump. I’m wondering if I’ve lost an o ring from the flexible pipe where it fits on the pump handle. Also in one of the adaptors there was a small circle of rubber that looked like it could form a non return valve but there was no where for it to go.

I’ll have to buy a new pump but I’m concerned now that if the old pump failed so randomly perhaps this could happens again, so if any one has any advice on what to check that would be appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.


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Don't have any experience with the Outwell tents or their pumps so this may not be useful information, but looking at the Outwell website they appear to just be a standard air pump fitting. Based off of that I am assuming that the port on the tent has a basic check valve along the lines of this

If so, make sure the little silicone flap is moving freely and does not have something stuck in it. It also mean that just about any air pump will fit it
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