Adopt a Trail 1n05 Work Day - Oct 14 2017 - POSTPONED


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Very happy to say that we have our first work day for Adopt-A-Trail scheduled for October 14, 2017. Hopefully, the notification is not too late.

The trail is still under fire closure and not open to the public, this is part of the effort in restoring access to this portion of the forest.

The goals of the day will be determined by how many people we have and the gear/ability we have. In general, we will be clearing some drains, trimming brush, removing down trees that are either on the trail or a threat of rolling onto the trail and possibly dealing with a widow maker tree.

We will be meeting in the turn out across the street from the Heartbar Campground off of Hwy 38 at 9 AM

A signed copy of the Adopt A Trail agreement is required for each participant and can be found HERE

1. BlkWgn (Adopt a Trail Contact)
2. @richard310

The work needed for this trip is nothing crazy, but you should be prepared to work. In addition to your normal loadout, please Bring gloves, work boots, eye protection, recommend long pants and long sleeves. It will also help to bring any tools that may be useful, shovels, steel rake, hand saws, pruning shears, loppers.

If there is interest we can set up a camp, there is access to both yellow post sites and dispersed camping nearby.
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I'm in town and would be up for this but it depends on my work schedule. The way this Redlands project is going it's not looking good.

Brett C

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I was literally told yesterday we are hosting a water polo tournament that Friday and Saturday. 3 more weeks and seasons over.
Ended up on 1N09 today after a short work day. Not as messy as last time I was up there but I still managed to fill a Target bag with spent brass, boxes and shells in a meager attempt to leave it better than I found it. Tons of glass all over the place. What is it with people and shooting bottles? I get that the "oh look the bottle shattered effect" is kind of neat, but it's a one time use target. I want something I can shoot at again and again...

Hopefully next Saturday is a short day (or we end up not going in at all) and I can make it up to 1N05 with you guys. I unfortunately won't know until the day before.

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Leaf rakes are a good idea for cleaning up shooters trash. Brass and glass are much easier with the right tool.

I’m a maybe, depends on how stupid work is. Camping sounds good if I (and Jaxx) make it out.
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I'd give anything to be up there with you guys tomorrow rather than wearing my ball and chain and grinding through a day at work.


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Since it looks like @richard310 and @Luke are the only two that can make it this weekend, I am thinking it is best to postpone this work day.

I will look at the calendar and get something rescheduled.
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