One of my favorite places to ride. Technical and intimate. Trails sneak through gaps, around bends, across vast slickrock and often with amazing views of Zion on the horizon.

Gooseberry Mesa: Though I’ve been here before I am always impressed. There really is no where else I have ridden like it. It’s a total playground that works in both directions. Every lap one does finds something new to see or a new challenge to overcome.

Little Creek: Far lesser known, and with none of the amazing white dots to follow—only hundreds of handcrafted cairns dotting the slickrock everywhere. It’s kind of like riding a technical trail while trying to solve a Rubik’s cube at the same time. The navigation is very challenging, but paying attention reaps rewards such as rock bridges, endless oceans of sandstone, and epic views.

This was to be the last trip for my 4Runner, kind of a fond farewell for a vehicle that has never let me down regardless of terrain or what I have asked of it. It smells of oil and sounds like war and thunder having an argument driving across the Navajo Rez…but damn it all if I didn’t fall right back in love with it. Again. I may just have to keep it a while longer.

And the Hei Hei…what a grand bike it is. Up, down, in the air, lofting and bumping and cleaning everything like I was a superhero. It makes almost everything effortless, automatic, and I feel just like everyone else out there with a big smile plastered on my face. That said, it’s missing that certain something—a sense of purity perhaps, of grit and grunt, primal simplicity. I’ll do some more riding and thinking about it and get back to you…

Gooseberry 01 Gooseberry 02 Gooseberry 03

Gooseberry 05

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Gooseberry 09 Gooseberry 10 Gooseberry 11

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Gooseberry 16a

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Gooseberry 21

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Gooseberry 26

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Gooseberry 32

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Gooseberry 58

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