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Hope to see you in Big Bear, Please bring your APX radio and Battery. I still would very much like to see how it is set up. Tuning values mostly.
would be interested in your ram mount stuff if you still have it. thanks
Very active camping with my '14 4 runner ahd Silver Shadow Teardrop trailer , after 6 decades of tent camping .'Love the desert and Eastern Sierras .
you excited hopefully I can get my bumper mounted I
already got he led wiring started.
Overland Expo East 2018 - Overland Experience ticket for sale! Something came up and I can't go. Too late for refund. Any takers?
Did you sell your Demello front bumper? I ordered a Rezfab and I hate it. I want a Demello. Please let me know. I’m in Montana but I can arrange all shipping if you could just get it to a trucking terminal or have a location a trucking company could pick it up from. Let me know. Thanks!
It sold last year. I’ll update the thread. I wish Pelfreybilt was still in business their bumper is awesome.
So where abouts are you located? I live in El Cajon. When things cool down more, I might go rabbit hunting in November. You’re more than welcome to join me.
im down in Norwalk/Whitier area. I dont mind driving down to meet up with you.Im down for some Rabbit. I will be out of town Thanksgiving weekend and week after. anytime before, im game.
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