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Very active camping with my '14 4 runner ahd Silver Shadow Teardrop trailer , after 6 decades of tent camping .'Love the desert and Eastern Sierras .
you excited hopefully I can get my bumper mounted I
already got he led wiring started.
Overland Expo East 2018 - Overland Experience ticket for sale! Something came up and I can't go. Too late for refund. Any takers?
Did you sell your Demello front bumper? I ordered a Rezfab and I hate it. I want a Demello. Please let me know. I’m in Montana but I can arrange all shipping if you could just get it to a trucking terminal or have a location a trucking company could pick it up from. Let me know. Thanks!
It sold last year. I’ll update the thread. I wish Pelfreybilt was still in business their bumper is awesome.
So where abouts are you located? I live in El Cajon. When things cool down more, I might go rabbit hunting in November. You’re more than welcome to join me.
im down in Norwalk/Whitier area. I dont mind driving down to meet up with you.Im down for some Rabbit. I will be out of town Thanksgiving weekend and week after. anytime before, im game.
Brett what is the canvas cover your using on your truck bed?
Brett C
Brett C
I was using a softop cover by softopper out of Colorado. Excellent piece of gear and I had it for over 5 years without any issues. I just replaced it with a habitat.
Hello Sue,

I am interested in your Flipac that you have for sale. I understand the two damaged windows, and a door shock as well, but is there any bill d I understand the two damaged windows, and a door shock as well, but is there any mould or mildew?
Looking forward to more family outings now that my daughter is running around.. :-D
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