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This is RubiconRon. You can find me on Facebook at Off-Road Overland Camping. We run easy to moderate trails once a month. We just finished our 4th trip through Death Valley. Wed did Queen Sheba Mine, Skidoo Mine and the Corona Mine off Jail Canyon Road.
Cris, Been meaning to ask you about the Tablet Navi setup you are running. I am looking to build a setup that I can use in my LR and Jeep. I saw you got the Galaxy Tab A, do you have a Cell plan with it or just use your phone and hot spot it? I'd love to pick your brain about it. we should be at Desert again, but if you have some info you can share, I'm looking for some.
I am using the tab A, 95% of the time I predownload my maps and shoot for a much larger area than I plan on traveling to give myself some options. I do have a Tmobile hotspot that I carry in the truck. The plan I have is unlimited data, but if I stay below 2gb on it than it is only $10 a month so unless I really change my route it is pretty cheap to keep it. We can certainly talk about it at DRV
Hope to see you in Big Bear, Please bring your APX radio and Battery. I still would very much like to see how it is set up. Tuning values mostly.
would be interested in your ram mount stuff if you still have it. thanks
Very active camping with my '14 4 runner ahd Silver Shadow Teardrop trailer , after 6 decades of tent camping .'Love the desert and Eastern Sierras .
you excited hopefully I can get my bumper mounted I
already got he led wiring started.
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