Yeti Go Box

Al Swope

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I could easily do my gear for colder day trips or even warm weather over overnights. If I find a similar size cardboard box and fit my overnight gear, I know I'll buy this.


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Yeah, I have a box/container problem. I really like having things labeled and in a "grab and go" configuration.
Dave, if you like bags...I found the ultimate dry bag here. I put a roll of paper towels and some dry clothes in one of these bags. I stood on it and could not pop the seal, then I used it as float to play in the river for 2 hours this summer. It stayed bone dry.
edit: made in the USA
I've had one of these for several years. It's been on the back of my motorcycle and survived travel to Alaska among other abuses. Highly recommended!


A friend of mine one on in a raffle at the Overland Expo. They love it, sits in the back of their truck all the time. That being said it is rather small for the cost. The organizational features help but personally I’d prefer some more room.
I picked up the Colorado Watershed Duffel. Awesome bags! I leave my inflatable Nemo mattress in the sleeve in my Nemo bag, wool blanket and pillow all rolled up in one big bed roll and stick it in the duffel with no worries of water or dust leaks.
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