Yakima Rocketbox

I was just throwing this out there to see if anyone had any experience using a Yakima Rocketbox (or similar cargo box) for transporting equipment to the campsite.

I've been giving serious consideration to all the options for transporting my Oztent RV5, cots, chairs... and thinking this would be a good and economical option (found one on CL in good condition for about 50% retail). Though I haven't confirmed the RV5 will fit, the specs lead me to believe that it will.

I like the fact that our belongings are secure under reasonable lock and key and also seemingly weather-proof.
Still looking for the down side.


I have a Space Booster which is basically the older version of the Rocketbox. I use it on occasion depending on where I'm going and if I have someone with me. Mainly I like it for when I'll be going between warmer and colder areas as I can toss my bulkier cold weather bag and extra clothes up top along with a chair. I also use it to carry my paddling gear sometimes so I don't have paddles, pfds, wetsuits, etc in my sleeping area.


When I had my Montero I used a Thule Atlantis to carry my RV5 and it worked well. You just need to make sure the mounting points are secure and that they can handle the load.
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