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Has anyone had any experience with the Willow Curve? I have lots of joint issues and they claim to be used by the Navy Seals among others as well as being FDA approved, but I cannot seem to find any real research backing their claims. I figured all of you military medical experts would know. I was looking for some good advice before dropping $600 on it. Thanks Dan



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Sorry Dan, I can't help. SOF activities get metric butt-loads of money under the rubric of "enhancing human performance." What I observed when working with some of these groups is that they attract all sorts of product developers with interesting concepts who demonstrate their theories and gear to interested activities who are looking for a "quick fix." Some of it founded on science, some not so much. Some patients responded to therapy and on others it had no effect; much of it was difficult to prove empirically. These organizations, often without any healthcare personnel providing input, would be influenced by the sales pitch and purchase some of the gear and services from these outfits.

But I do think you're doing the right thing by thoroughly researching it before you just throw money at it because of a few buzz words and assertions that elite forces swear by it.

I know nothing of this product... it may introduce a revolution in medical therapy. But I've seen quite a few that's little more than what used to be labeled as "snake oil."
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