Wilderness First Aid with NOLS and REI

Yes. My wife and I took it a few years ago along with a couple we camp with sometimes. It's kinda basic, but a lot of good info and techniques. I strongly encourage you to take a buddy or three. It would suck it you got hurt and were the only one trained. Like Will, we plan to take a refresher next year.

This is true even for the minor injuries. The most common injury for me over the years has been my hands. Working on the truck, trail building, fires, sharps, etc.... I'm always beating them up. Have you ever tried to dig out the first aid kit, open it up, and bandage your bleeding, busted, hand using only your good hand? And remember, like 1/2" and 10mm sockets, it's the hand you use the most that you lose first. So try it left handed.

Life is a lot easier if other folks in your group know what they're doing.
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