What would you like to see in a "On the Road Documentary"?

Thought I would ask. I am aware of the many different tastes. Spirit and I have been on the road for close to 7 years now, much Photography, a few short videos on You Tube [beemerchef] and I have been "now" thinking about making a Documentary [for lack of better word], around an hour and a half or so.
I myself was thinking about going back to the incredible spaces of Toroweap, Valley of the Gods, Muley Point [and that is just Utah!], much more through CO, MT, WY and on and on.
The components could be of course "Mother Nature", the camping, the riding, cooking, Spirit, the Spirituality of Life on the Road.
Maybe some interviews of interesting people we meet, themselves on their own Journey?
Suddenly all this does not seem it would fit in such a short time!
Love some feedback... My mainstream thought is about sharing.

Thank You
This is a great idea Ara. My wife and I have considered this ourselves. My vote is for interviewing the people you meet on the road. We meet so many cool people that consider themselves ordinary, when they are actually exceptional and their lives are a blessing when shared with others. Examples: 1, the recovering paraplegic who was going thru rehab when his health insurance ran out before he could walk without two canes. He was doing his own rehab by hiking the Appalachian trail alone at the rate of 1/4 to 2 miles per day.
2, the man who was doing the continental divide trail by unicycle. We didn't catch him before our time ran out, but others in the trail kept telling us stories.
These are just two examples of many and we don't log a fraction of the miles you and Spirit do. I can't wait until we can do it full time! Hopefully our paths will cross. When traveling in the west, we are always in the lookout for a beemer with a sidecar.

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Great ideas. While grand photography of stunning vistas is always popular, I think your experience creates a unique opportunity here for sharing.

I think many would enjoy it if you shared more insight, through video, of the more basic routines of this "life on the road" you are leading. A kind of "how you can do this" film perhaps. How and what do you cook? Where and how do you sleep? Care and feeding of Spirit? Where do you shop and how do you carry your provisions? How do you entertain yourself and relax when the wheels stop rolling for the day? What is essential to the journey (gear and provisions wise) and what is just fluff or bling? What drives your decisions in regard to planning routes and destinations or are you just flying by the seat of the pants? How about the logistics and finances required to continue the journey? Inquiring minds want to know!

LOTS of folks would love to take off, if even for a few weeks, and do what you are doing. A documentary detailing how to do it would be great IMO. Maybe even a two part series, part one on "how to" and part two on "the road, the places and the people" and how to make the most of it.


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Whatever the case, there has to be a SpiritCam!

I think the dog is your hook for those with short attention spans.
Those are all great feedback. I wish I would have thought about it 7 years ago but it is never too late. I have met so many interesting people! Geoff on his "penny farting" [Old Bicycle Big wheel, small wheel and one gear, one front brake!] going around the World. He made it back to London as we are still in touch. Families on bicycles also RTW. Joe Katz [crazy guy!] doing LA to NY on roller blades with a baby carriage having a front disc brake for the downhill. The shoulders of the road are our meeting places, the roads our country. The story started millions of years ago, we are fortunate to be here living those minute years while after us the Universe will still be spinning for more millions of years. The experience is, yes, worth while sharing.
As you wrote Dave, those are great subjects. It is another totally different Lifestyle, hard to go back to anything else [like now in an apartment in Munich!], there are so many tangents I have in photos but in a video would be truly fantastic including the scenery we witness.
Will be reading your posts again and put them on paper for some structure. It will probably take a good 9 months including the rendering and it will be copied on wafer memory cards.
Keep the ideas coming, and many Thanks.

Whatever the case, there has to be a SpiritCam!

I think the dog is your hook for those with short attention spans.
I must say he is a door opener. The center of attention when we are not in hiding!
He has many videos as I have a Go Pro facing him and one behind him.
They are on You Tube under "beemerchef".
Here is a 1 minute funny one where you can see his leaning skills!
Thank You for the feedback.


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That is just AWESOME! What a life that dog lives!

I once attended a conference of sorts, and one of the "workshops" was 'Do you enjoy life as much as a dog?'
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