"Uno" the 2015 Tacoma

Stripped the factory harness out of the tailgate:


Mounted the camera in a 3D printed mount a attached it to the bottom of the swing out:


It works, but it needs some serious tweaking. For the time being though I can see if there are small fuzzy animals behind me when I back up. Once I get a better solution figured out I'll post it up.
Version 2 of the camera mount.

So the first mount barely cleared the opening I had it mounted under on the swing out. The wiring harness was rubbing a bit. Old mount, short and not enough angle with a hole drilled to adjust the mounting location:



New mount, taller, steeper angle and with more holes for mounting options:



Added protection for the connector and wiring:

Vs unprotected old version:

Red line on the factory display lines up with a plane that's about 1 foot off the tire on the swing out:


Glare in the corners is from the reverse leds on the Mictuning bar. Going to have to block those bits off to kill the glare.

All mounted up... need to source some black hardware:


Extended the factory wiring harness by about a foot to prevent it from getting pulled too tight when the swing out... swings.

Now on to the next electronic gadget in preparation for the coming cap...
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