Tired of all the same "huge" RTT's, so I made my own.

Howdy all - quick update on summer testing. Things are progressing nicely. 002 came back from Moab a wonderful success having survived monsoon level rains, high winds and hail. Not a drop of moisture inside or a failure in the fabric. :D

Very, very satisfied with the results to date.

003 is presently in production and will likely be the closest thing to the production versions. Once completed, all 3 will be out in the wild for the remainder of the summer testing every aspect we can to break them. Come fall 2019 - I am aiming to begin production.

In the meantime - I have been testing 001 with the new 100W solar array, custom fabricated 50Ah LFP solar charger and a Dometic CFX40 fridge. Amazed how efficient the Dometic is. Looking forward to further testing in the field.

More to come very soon.

RTTx News: Some FAQ's

Current Status:
The tents are currently in beta testing till Sept. Following testing the product will be evaluated for revision and final release. At that time, I will be opening up the initial production run of ten to get things off the ground.

What are the interior and exterior dimensions?
Interior approx. 88" x 52.5" x 52" @ peak
Exterior 54"x 90" x 5.25" Closed

What size is the mattress?
Best fit: 84" x 50" (long full)

Please note: No mattress will be offered directly. I have determined that this is a personal choice and I will offer two options - The NEMO Cosmo XL insulated inflatable (I have this...and IT'S AWESOME) or a traditional custom foam mattress of your choice via thefoamfactory.com. Either will be about $200-300 after shipping. (Note: Foam Factory offers a slew of foam density choices and is an excellent product).

How much bedding can be stowed when closed?
The interior storage is 3.5" when closed. I usually store my sleeping bag and inflatable mattress up there with my pillow in the truck (helps to removes humidity). A foam mattress will allow less, but a blanket, light bag, etc should be fine with a quality 2"-2.5" foam.

Electric? Any USB's?
There has been much discussion about this. The standard tent will not offer custom electrical. Electric is an easy DIY solution and super simple to customize. There are ample electrical runs within the framing. If you choose for us to customize the tent, added costs will be required.

Any other options?
Choice of fabric colors is the standard options that don't incur higher costs.

What comes standard:
Tent frame will be either silver or black anodized with white panel insert.
Main fabric has 6 color choices available
A battery operated LED light
Heavy weather support rods
Rainfly / Awning
Custom mounting points specifically for your vehicle / rack.
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This Question has come up a few times: How much room is there in the tent for storing bedding, etc?

Answer: A solid amount. 3.5" of height available when using an inflatable mattress. Shown in this photo - my 40˚ bag, heavy weight blanket, and the Nemo Cosmos 50 XL insulated inflatable mattress. (Highly recommended). If I fold my bag in half length-wise, I could easily place my pillow up there as well. (Although, I choose to keep it in the truck when traveling (removes humidity).

Even with a quality 2-2.5" foam mattress there would be enough room for a bag, blanket, linens, etc.

Tis the summer months. And here in the wonderful Atlanta Metro, that means hot, hotter, and then humid hot. Frankly it sucks. 90-95˚ with 85-100% humidity. Working on the tents in those conditions....blows.

The last prototype is presently about 95% complete. Here are the items that have been updated as things have progressed with the design / prototype execution phase:

- Side screen doors have been modified
- Storm flaps are now on the outside
- Material change - Screens to be heavier duty
- Material change - main tray to be a specially designed aluminum profile (reason: will result in lighter weight, easier fabrication and better final strength than current profile.)
- Sewing still sucks. Looking for assistance in this department.

Here is 003 as she sits in the shop:

RTTx 003: The third prototype is complete. A lot has been learned building these three. 003 far and away is the cleanest, sexiest of the 3. It is also the closest to the intended production version and has lot of changes on it.

- The framing is 100% powder coated
- The Fabric was revised and simplified to enable a quicker production and lighter weight
- The gas springs were upped to accommodate the new gear net.
- While I need to weigh it, I am very certain the final weight of this unit is less than the 120# of the previous proto’s.

Next steps?

Funding is needed to gets things rolling properly. A Kickstarter campaign will be starting soon to aid in material purchases and expanding to a space for proper production. Tied to this - I have designed a custom aluminum extrusion profile that will be proprietary to these units. By going custom - the tent will achieve a weight UNDER 100 pounds.
Look for the announcement soon.

Thought I have to mention that to the Maggiolina's credit, their Extreme model, you can crank down on the tent so that the tent fabric is so taut that no fapping noise can be heard in high wind scenarios.
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