Timbren suspension vs leaf springs

For those that have Timbren suspension, what are the pros and cons vs leaf springs? I currently have leaf springs, but have been considering going to timbren. The frame of my trailer is already 2"x3", so it wouldn't be that hard to convert, but I am not sure if it's worth it. Most of my travel is through the Mojave Desert, Big Bear, and the Sierra Mountains. Nothing to hard core, as I have a 100 series Land Cruiser. Below is a picture of the trailer (minus the RTT, as I sold it to go to a bigger one).

this is my second offroad trailer build, 1st trailer I went with solid 2000lb axle w\30" leafs & shocks. Never had any issue here in the Ozarks on trails with clearance issues of the axle. (photo 1st trailer) The only complaint I ever had was the 2" ball coupler would pop @ steep angles descents & climbing upward.
My 2nd trailer build & current trailer (tons of modifications) I removed all of the factory suspension & trailer tongue. I thought about going axleless axles but after serious thought I went with solid axle again, 3500lb Dexter with heavier larger hangers, larger 32" leaf springs with shocks. I have 14" of axle to ground clearance & 24" of chassis to ground clearance. I'm sure Timbren makes a great product & I know other folks who are quite happy with their product on their trailers, just as I know a few who have torsion axles on their trailers & are extremely happy. I feel comfortable & sound minded with "my" suspension set up.
IMO a solid axle leaf set up with shocks is a tried and proven set up for me. None of my trailers were ever built or put thru as belly draggers nor I wouldn't consider doing that. I've been any were 10 to 29 miles off the main national forest roads on secondary roads & never had problems getting to my destination whether I encountered off camber trails, washed out roads using my recovery boards as bridging, slow craw over exposed very large rock, to erode creek crossings. Like I mention I removed the orginal tongue & fabricated a heavier, longer tongue with articulating Lock n Roll coupler & hitch which aids in pivots side to side & up and down, making the tow vehicle & the trailer comforming to all the change in the terrain.
You will find different suggestions & opinions on trailer suspensions, IMO it all comes down to common sense when on the trail & what "you" feel comfortable with.
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We have tons of options, from 400-7000lb capability to all different ride heights to fit your exact needs. What's cool about our Axle-Less Suspension, is that it eliminates the entire axle. Axle-Less is durable, maximizes the ground clearance and is low maintenance. To see more about Axle-Less and to help find the right setup for you visit https://timbren.com/axle-less/. We can also help with any concern, questions or comments if you shoot us a direct message.
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