Our morning started a bit hectic as Deanna wasn’t feeling well…not well enough that she had to visit the Urgent Care just on the other side of Highway 101. We packed up as quick as we could while the rest of the group was cooking breakfast. I alerted the group, and made plans to link up with them at the day’s lunch stop in Morro Bay, or along Highway 1 towards tonight’s campground (since I’d been there before).
We were at Urgent Care for two hours from wait time to time seen. We then spent two more waiting for medication at the CVS next door. We figured the convoy would be about an hour ahead of us, so we had some catching up to do. Along the way, just as we were hitting Morro Bay on Highway 1, we overheard comm chatter of RV-ing at Albertsons after filling up gas. Low and behold, the group had still been at Morro Bay and were about to pick up supplies. Apparently they had a 2-3 hour long lunch since they had a large group and service was slow...
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