The group arose to a damp ground with wet tents and vehicles, but partly cloudy skies with breaks of sunlight. The weather this morning was a lot more brisk than the previous nights so the ones who were up early got the fire started to keep warm and dry off the chairs left outside in the rain.

It was definitely a slower morning than the previous nights as well since we had to get the tents dry enough to stow away. We all got breakfast and coffee underway while we stood around the fire to eat and warm up. Once things were dry enough to pack, we were underway at almost noon time.
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I had a blast in Pinnacles as well, along with some unexpected rain. Interesting note* The San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park's Condor Ridge area is modeled after Pinnacles PN, and most of the California Condors at Pinnacles were raised and released from the WAP.
Hah! I saw y'all at your campground in the morning and 9 months later I read about your trip.
I creeped with some photos when you drove by my campsite since we were lazy with getting on the road.
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