The Airstream Experience

I'm sure we're all familiar with the iconic Airstream trailers. Very expensive, and maybe not all that practical. But the fact that the original owner, Wally Bynam, used to organize caravans of Airstream owners to run the length of South America or Africa back in the day is beyond way cool.

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to stay in one, now there is a company that is building campgrounds full of Airsteam trailers. (I know, I know, Glamping.)



This is the youtube channel for a couple that fulltimed for several years in a couple of Airstreams. No road queens, either - they had 'em lifted and prepped for extended boondock/offroad use. They've recently had a baby and switched to a different trailer, but their reasoning for picking Airstream vs. many other trailers (from having watched a bunch of their videos) came down to stuff like design and build quality.

They did several videos going to RVs shows when they were shopping for their 3rd rig (knowing the baby was coming), and the way they picked apart a number of other trailer builds you could tell that their perspective as (a) full-timers and (b) extended boondockers was outside the norm compared to the customer most trailers are designed/built for.
Having been an Airstreamer since 2007. I can attest to their off road ability out here in the Mojave. Recently went down in size and weight to a 1960 model.

The older models are narrower and weigh less.

Very rare to find any other make of trailer still out there after 60 years.
My Dad had a 56 then upgraded in 98, I think, with a new one. It was right before the prices went nuts and he has been offered up to 3 times what he paid for it. They both towed well, but IMO the campers not very comfortable and def. not family friendly. The newer ones seem to be better floor plan wise ( come with a real table, etc..) but still not family friendly and god awful expensive.
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