The Adjustable Wrench . . . Perfected?

Maybe some of you have seen this already.

Like most of you, I was taught to shun adjustable wrenches. They wouldn't stay tight, they'd slip and round over the nut or bolt head. A tool of last resort, to be avoided whenever humanly possible.

I just stumbled across this by accident . . .


Once you adjust it to the nut or bolt, you just squeeze the Vise-Grip like handle, and the moveable jaw locks. No more slipping and damaging fasteners!

Damn! This is of those things where you slap your palm to your forehead and wonder why YOU didn't think of this!


They have their place.... I always keep a big one around. Id have to play with one of those, not exactly sure how it works.
Any adjustable wrench I've ever owned generally locked itself into one position whether I wanted it to or not. :D Never did like those things but this seems interesting.


Thought it was a photoshop joke at first, but see it's not. I'd give it a try, though wonder if stressing the thread with locking it all the time would loosen it over time.
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