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This is my favorite photo. Truck setup in campground at the Mojave reserve. Love the scenery behind the truck.



I went from an 89 jeep wrangler to this truck, and I have to say, while it can be tricky in some spots, I LOVE having the extra space in my truck as opposed to my jeep.

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I heart Big Bend. I try to make it out there at least once per year.

I've been to lots of pretty places (lots more to see of course), but Big Bend remains in the top few.

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Cam, where are the first two lake pictures from? That's beautiful!
They were both taken in the high country (at approx. 10,000 feet elevation) of the Sierra Nevada on backpacking trips. The first picture is "Peter Pande Lake". For me, Peter Pande Lake and the surrounding area is the most beautiful place on the planet. I've been going there since I was a teenager and have never seen another person there, mostly because it's tough to get to. It's a seven hour drive from LA and then a ten mile hike over the Silver Divide (seen in the background) with lots of cross country and serious rock hopping/scrambling. Here's a couple more pics from the area:

Peter Pande

View from above, Camp is at the far end of the lake.

Anne Lake nearby

A pond next to the lake:

20 minutes of fishing:

A swim:

The second picture from the earlier post is "Big Margaret Lake" which is only about five miles as the crow flies from Peter Pande but is accessible from a different trail head. Also a tough hike. Here's some pics of Big Margaret and the surrounding area:

Big Margaret Lake:

More Big Margaret:

Fern Lake:

An infinity pool on the edge of a 400 foot cliff. Mounts Ritter, Davis and Banner in the background:

Hope you like the picture show!

Absolutely stunningly beautiful. These are the reasons why I want to come to California. Breathtaking country!
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