TESTED: Dometic PLB 40


Editor’s Note:  This article was updated on 2/10/2020 to include cold weather testing, as requested by our members.  Find it below.  -Chad
Dometic’s PLB 40 is a truly plug and play portable battery solution that allows anyone to have a dual battery system in any vehicle.  That’s right – no custom wiring or additional purchases required.  As long as you have a 12V outlet in your rig that can supply 100W, you can plug in the PLB 40 and enjoy an additional 40 Amp-Hours of power that can be used to power whatever you want.  This means that you can power 12 V cigarette-style devices like an electric cooler, your USB devices, and two-pin 12V appliances without pulling from your vehicle’s starting battery.
Dometic certainly isn’t the first company to make a portable battery, but the ease of use and a few electric cooler-specific optimizations to the PLB 40 make it a great choice for folks who want to be able to use their electric coolers in just about any vehicle, or have a versatile...

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I see that you use it to charge up your Mavic remote, but have you used it to charge up any of your Mavic batteries? If so how did you go about doing that, with the car charger? How long did it take? Thank you!
You certainly could use it to charge Mavic batteries with the 112VDC car charger. I don't have one so I can't speak to performance or charge times, but I would expect that they're similar to AC charging.
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