Thank you!

For your interest in my on going build, for offering a great community of like minded humans, and any support or opinions on how I can make this better OR if I can help you in any way please do not hesitate to ask!!

Here she is!

What had happened was:

This was a build that I was not “planning” on. At the time this project presented itself I had a pretty sorted out 2001 4-runner named Nelly that I loved.

But when a close friend told me that he was going to send this 2008 Tacoma to the junk yard I could not resist the temptation.

You see my friend that sold me this truck had blown the motor up when driving home one summer day from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. The belt went and well, you can assume the rest.

When the truck was towed to my house it had no hart and what was left of the hart was in the bed of the truck collecting rust. Time to build a...

The Plan:

I wanted a reliable truck that cold take me off the grid. Could support me in my field for work (Camera Ops), surfing missions, and occasional pit support for friends who race in Baja and here in the states.

I also wanted the vehicle to perform well at speed with all of the “Overlanding" creature comforts.

You see I have had and built a few pre-runners in my day. I wanted the performance of a pre-runner without fiberglas fenders. It appears that a lot of humans in this space now want the same.

After a quick call to the Brothers Brenthel and TJ @ Baja Kits the plan was set in motion.

The only thing that is bothering me about this platform is the lack of 4 wheel drive.. So That is something that I plan on tackling with the help of Wyatt of Rock Solid Toys. The transfer case is built so I am slowly buying and putting together all of the parts that I will need for the full transformation.

  • PelferyBilt Front Aluminum bumper with full upper hoops, 20 inch LED cut out and Fog Light cut outs, powered coated
  • PelfreyBilt Tacoma High Clearance rear bumper, Gate with Rotopax mounts, High lift mouth, and fold down table powder coated
  • PelfreyBilt IFS skid
  • PelfreyBilt Gas Tank Skid
  • PelfreyBilt Mid Skid
  • PelfreyBilt Rear Skid
  • *All Aluminum
  • PelfreyBilt weld on Rock sliders with kick out
  • Baja Kits Rear Spring under kit
  • Deaver Custom made spring under pack for the 1000 lbs of extra weight
  • King OE Replacment 2.5 shock with remote res.
  • King 2.0 4” travel hydraulic bump stop
  • Gusseted rear axle housing and 4.88 gears E-locked By; DC Shock services
  • 1.25 spider tracks spacers
  • Truck Vautl 7’ system with locking drawers
  • ARE custom made shell, dual sliding wind doors, internal support for extra roof loads
  • Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform, custom setup for access cab front
  • Rhino Rack’s Foxwing Awning
  • ARB 50qt fridge
  • WARN 9.5CTI
  • WARN Spydura Synthetic Rope
  • Factor 55 Hawse Fairlead 1.0
  • Factor 55 Shackle mount
  • Snatch block, and tow strap, chains
  • BFG KO2 35x12.5 R17
  • 17 inch NV Method Race wheels with Fux bead lock. (had Bead locks on the 4-runner and they leaked a LOT)
  • 20" Ridgid SR2 Combo light in front bumper
  • 2x Ridgid amber lights in from bumper
  • 1 4" rear Ridgid singe row amber
  • 2 Ridgid back up lights
  • 6 Ridgid rock lights, 1 on each wheel, 1 under the hood, and 1 under the awning
  • 3x R-46 behind grill. 1 spot two flood
  • Overland bound member 3907
  • 4x4 “swap” coming soon!
  • Rock Solid Toys built manual shifting transfer case
  • 4.88 front differential
  • VIAIR Constant Duty onboard air system with 2.5 Gallon tank
  • Dual batterie setup (custom built)
  • Fridge plug in access cab and shell so it can be moved around
  • Switch Pro 8 switch module. LOVE IT!

Coning soon:
  • HAM radio and Amateur license (March)
  • Garmin GPS hard mounted
  • Solar panel
  • Maxtrax
  • 4x4 conversion
  • Lots of tools, tools for tools...
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Now for some of the photos!!

Some of the pics from the begging:


Honestly one of the easiest motor installs ever. Started up, I freaked out actually BC it was running rough!

Then the computer did its thing and has not thrown a code in the two years I have owned her. Smoged the next day!
After I got the truck running the next thing was to give it a good deep cleaning and start installing some of the goodies that have been piling up.

As you can see it was pretty filthy:

Now the fun part! after a solid cleaning, I installed the Wet Okole seat covers. These things were a tight fit and are so nice!

Next came the ARE Camper Shell

My ARE shell was shipped to Torrance Shell center in the South bay. The guys there were AWESOME and had the shell installed in less then an hour.

I did a lot of research before settling on the ARE shell. It has all of the features I wanted. The sliding/vented windoors are amazing. Being able to reach in and grab whatever you need is awesome. Also the vent is great when camping. Fresh AIR!

Also ARE did some internal strengthening so that I could stand on the roof if needed. Basically its a hybrid of the work shell and the Sportsman shell. So it has all of the strength and comfort!


Man when I purchased my rig, the floor carpets looked just like yours but twice as much dog hair. Took quite some time to get a majority of it off, but you did a great job. This saved rig is looking good! Torrance Shell is right in my neighborhood. Good to know that you had a great experience there since I may be looking into shells if the next rig calls for it.
Thank you for all of the support guys! It has been a great build I just can't wait to get it on the trail. I am working in VA Beach until the end of this year. I have had some separation anxiety. LOL
^^^^You must have lost a bet to end up in the Tidewater area! I spent a few years there back in the early '80's.

LMFAO! It feels like it at times. Stuck in T.V. purgatory until November. But at least I can have my truck out here soon and then explore some of the Application mountains


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LMFAO! It feels like it at times. Stuck in T.V. purgatory until November. But at least I can have my truck out here soon and then explore some of the Application mountains
Mark your calendar... Appalachian Rendezvous, Troy, NC; 22-24 SEP 2017. Not as nice as the Application Mountains but close... ;)
Some Updates!

My Friend Aaron has been working on the electrical systems.

Switch Pro system set up

Battery switch

Rock lights installed

Under hood work light

Front and rear power point

Compressor mounted and ready for plumbing

Most importantly:


The truck was supposed to be here this week but apparently it is hard to find a shipper from CA to VA this last few weeks.. I can't wait to get to wrench again on my truck missing it!!
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