Talk Me Out of a RTT

Agree with most everything above. CVT is launching a bunch of new hard shell variants and they are having an up to 25% off sale April 12-14. Great company, great service. I am looking at getting a Mt Helens V2. They also have new versions of the Mt. Bakers that just came in. None of this was on the website as if tonight, but there is a post on their facebook.
Thanks for all the feedback everyone! Sounds like a Hardshell is the way to go if staying on with a RTT. Unfortunately the nicer ones like JB and Alucab are out of the budget.

Definitely going to show the wife the shiftpod and see if that’s something she wants to try.
Consider that many RTT's make into the classifies here with little use. Folks buy them and they don't work out for whatever reason. Buy used and save more.
I like the Shiftpod2 versus a RTT.

Half the weight of a RTT if you haul the Shiftpod2 on a roof rack. Half the price of most RTT's. Easily fits inside my 4WD van or 1985 1st Gen 4runnner. Easy to pee out of at night. Easier to deal with when wet compared to a RTT. Not good for Bear country as you are on the ground however that's when the 4WD van shines. They are warm in the Winter and Kool in the Summer. Easily transferred between vehicles. Sets up quickly. No ladder. No wind issues. Water tight. Roomy inside and has a floor. No climbing over anybody to get out of whatever type of bed you use. Great for other events besides camping such as music festivals, car shows, rallies and back yard adult entertainment!

Now you know why there are so many USED RTT's for sale!
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we use our RTT a lot & have it mounted on a trailer I built. The wife & I are in our 60's & late 50's at the time we have no issues climbing up or down the ladder, in or out of RTT at this time. We swapped out the mattress in our, for a Exped Duo 10 XL XW, like sleeping on our Tempurpedic mattress @ home. We both sleep sound on that mattress. I bought a Tepui Insulator insert for our RTT which makes for a comfortable sleep in the late winter early spring camping months. I hardly us my Proplex H2000 heater any more since I bought that from Scott Chaney. I couldn't add to the con's of a RTT because every one here has pretty much sum'd up con's well.

I'm current modifying a new square drop trailer I bought known the fact that one of us (wife or I) will have difficultly in time climb up or down the ladder, in or out of the RTT. So I'll have this trailer to fall back on. I still pondering on leaving the Proplex H2000 in the tool box or removing it & mounting it under the chassis for a heat source.
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Please talk me out of a Roof Top Tent: Here's the backstory.

I've camped in Roof Top Tents, ground tents and hammocks all over the southwest. I have had my eye on a Go Fast Camper for sense there release and planned on going that route. Most of our trips are one night and we have no room to store a trailer at the time. However the wife is convinced it is more important to put the money towards a new house and not a camper. She has suggested getting a roof top tent.

I can get 25% Off 23 Zero tents and am thinking I might go that direction. We're both tired of dealing with air mattresses and the other hassle's that are involved with a ground tent.

Can someone please confirm or deny this is a good idea?! :eek:

Seems like there are sure a lot of people who ditch the RTT. So that why I am hesitant.


After months of debate, research and keeping my wife’s wants in mind we finally settled on a tent. Took possession of the most recent model of the Alu Cab Gen Three Tent. They’ve made several noticeable improvements. OK4WD made us a offer we could not refuse on their demo tent for the expo. Thanks everyone for the feedback!

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