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One of the more useful books in my collection, but a pdf copy is always nice to have as well. Thanks for sharing.


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US Army Ranger Medic Handbook, 2007

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I know a bunch of the guys referenced in there, of course when I knew them they were E-3's and now some are O-5's. The one who is listed as Cpt Redman was our Platoon Medic back in 1991 and worked his way up from 300 F-1 all the way through the Army's Medical School and ended up being the Battalion Surgeon for 1st Batt by 2005, pretty damn cool. I remember a training mission in GA and him sticking an IV in a Ranger in a MH-53 around 0200 after extraction flying nap of the earth with only a mini chem light in his mouth to see. Made you feed good knowing guys like that were behind you.

Love what they did with the Star of Life.

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