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1000 lumens in a palm sized headlamp? It’s a thing, and it’s called the Maximus by SureFire. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to stop doing your favorite outdoor activity when the sun goes down, the Maximus has the light output to help you play outside longer. You can ride your bike faster, find your way better while running or hiking, and have an effective light on your helmet that can actually help you out while riding a motorcycle at night. When you get back to the truck or make it into camp, you can adjust the power on the Maximus with just the turn of a dial and set your light output to anything from 1 to 1000 Lumens.  Silly amounts of light in a compact package – it sounds like the world’s greatest headlamp, doesn’t it?

The amount of light that you can get out of the Maximus at full power is quite impressive, but don’t expect to spend all...
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The problem w/ SureFire headlights, besides the price, is that they don't have a red LED option, or an 18650 based unit that can charge via Micro USB, or now with USB-C. I could also care less w/ the high output that lasts 1.5hrs. It would be good to have something with reduced brightness, high CRI, and lasts a good 12-48hrs between battery changes.

It is of my opinion that headlight's should be strictly functional to what's immediately in front of me. If I need additional lighting, there are always handheld options.


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Try this.
Streamlight ProTac HL USB Rechargeable Headlamp - C4 LED - 1000 Lumens - Uses a Rechargeable Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) Battery (Included) or 1 x 18650 - Includes Various Accessories $78.00
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