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At Overland Expo West earlier this year, tucked in between the trees, Tacomas, and RTTs, was a 1995 Suzuki Sidekick. You’d be forgiven if you missed it. We looked up the owner, Andy Lilienthal, and discovered he founded a site called Subcompact Culture. Intrigued, we struck up a conversation.
AL: At this point, I know your name is Andy and you’re involved with Subcompact Culture. Let’s start with a couple easy ones. Where are you located? What is your involvement with Subcompact Culture? And what is Subcompact Culture all about?
Andy Lilienthal, and I live in Portland, Oregon. I own Subcompact Culture, which is all about smaller vehicles and living and traveling small.
AL: Living small. Why are you so interested in the smaller machines, the subcompact culture, as it were? How do they appeal to you? What subcompact do you own?
I’ve almost always had compact vehicles. We grew up with smaller...
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