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One of the things I do for a creative recharge, or just to see things differently, is to street shoot. Sometimes I'll take the big Canon but most times I do this with film. Either an old Canon F1 or my favorite camera of all time, the Hasselblad 500cm. When I'm street shooting, I find the Hassy to be a conversation starter and not off putting. Most people have no idea what it is.

A couple of weeks ago, I was at the zoo with my wife and youngest daughter. Our older two have been gone all summer and we were looking for something to do. I grabbed the Hassy and two rolls of HP5. Piper wanted to shoot too so she got the F1 and a random roll of 35mm that I grabbed out of the fridge.

The Hassy is a camera that knows no age. The pictures that come out of it now are just as sharp as they were 40 years ago and as they will be 40 years from now. I need to use it more often.

Thought I'd share a few images.

It was my first time in Charlotte and I only had one afternoon/evening to wander around. Lots of juxtapositions and filled with many physically beautiful people. Not sure why that caught me off guard but it did. I found more things to photograph than in Battle Creek. Partly demographics. Partly size. There is something about small towns that intrigues me but to find a story would require more than the couple of days I usually have in a place.

I'm in San Jose for the week. It's been a few months. Last time I was here, I wound up photographing a riot. That was crazy but thoroughly enjoyable. Not sure it'll get that crazy this week but I find that this place has a great divide. The dichotomy is fascinating to me. More pictures will be coming throughout the week. I'm playing. Shooting without thinking. Staying on the move.

I was in Milwaukee all last week. I've spent quite a bit of time there but the city eludes me. I'm never sure how to take or what to look for. I've watched it decline for many years, there is still vast amounts of empty space in downtown, but last week was the first where it seemed to have some new life. After being locked in a windowless conference room for 9 hours a day, my relief came in wandering the streets in the evening.

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Last night, the Richthofen Castle down the street opened their grounds for their annual Halloween bash for the neighborhood. They do not disappoint. The place has huge history and it's fun to see the progression of the rehab.

The rest of the neighborhood goes all out too. City comes in and closes most of the streets for Halloween night and it's usually quite the party.
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