STOLEN classic Tiger Adventure Vehicle

Our baby was stolen
1996 Ford S250 Tiger pro-van
white with brown trim
Vin number

Stolen in Los Angeles
April 7th, 2021
Please contact: Peter Celli (213)840-8636

IMG_4146.jpeg IMG_5247.jpeg IMG_4145 OG.jpeg
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I'll certainly keep an eye out, but this is probably the once instance when you don't want to be hiding your license plate #.
thanks for the thought. I changed it. I'm posting for my friends. I was being paranoid.
This camper had such a personality. I've camped and driven it many a time. I felt like I lost a loved one, when I heard it got stolen.


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I saw a post about this on Facebook, hopefully, it is found intact and damage-free. It is a vehicle that stands out so hopefully it will be spotted quickly
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