Spending Thanksgiving in the Ozark National Forest

Sally & I decided to do something different this year for Thanksgiving, were going to head for the National Forest & spend 3 days exploring, camping & eating.

We switched out the bedding in the Runaway Range Runner to cold weather bedding: flannel sheets, fleece blankets, down comforter & of course H2000 Propex Heater. Weather will be 48 day\34 night, 51 day\34 night, 54 day\34 night.

Menu: brined Oven Baked Turkey Breast creole seasoned, Creole Pork Sausage Cornbread Stuffing, Mash Potatoes & Gravy, Candied Sweet Tators. Taking two cook stoves & the awning shelter.

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Tim R.

That sounds like a great time!!! Enjoy the trip. The trailer and setup are looking amazing. The thought you have put into your trailer build is showing off. Keep it up and looking forward for the stories after the trip. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!
I paid $5,450.00 for the Runaway Range Runner 6ftwx8ftl (street) no graphics new. Got 150.00 off discount for picking it up in Flordia @ there manufacturing place. I ordered the no interior, bare bone which took alittle over 4 weeks. I only used the frame minus the tongue, cabin, doors & roof rack & the 3,500lb Dexter Axle. I put another $6,139.00 into it giving me a total of $11,589.00. I finished it in 4 months from the time I brought it home from Florida.

The price of a new one (there Venturist or another manufactures squaredrop) IMO is still less doing this way, plus I have it set up the way Sally & I wanted it. I still want to switch out the Scepter can holders to AT Overland's, sand blast them & have them powered coated white. This winter I'll be adding brakes to it.

too much to list on what I done. https://americanadventurist.com/forum/threads/new-project-trailer.6695/
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>>trip cancel do to heavy rains for 3 days.

I hear you. We're in same boat - snow in the mountains, rain and possible flash-floods in the desert. Looking like it's an "indoors" Thanksgiving this year.

Any particular reason you're not recirculating the air via the Propex? (looks like you're pulling outside air on the "cold" side). Seems like you're giving up a lot of efficiency by heating cold air all the time instead of recirculating...
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