Snakebite Treatment

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Please don't take this as a derogatory response to your post as it was useful statistical and definitive care treatment information. I carry a pretty advanced medical kit but don't have the luxury or blessing of administering anything other than plugging holes and trying to keep people breathing. I can start fluids and insert things into the chest cavities to alleviate unwanted pressures that can make for a very bad day, but even then it's dicey in this day and age no matter your skillset. What I am concerned with is immediate identification and emergency treatment of bites. This is an area that hits home to me as many times I'm on a trip with friends that is way out and far away from anything. Sometimes well over several hours travel under good conditions. Emergency treatment is almost non-existent unless you can establish some form of radio communications and someone on the other end happens to be monitoring to get help. Cellphones are nothing more than worthless much of the time. Even then without definitive treatment things can go south quickly and the prospect of hauling someone for miles to treatment while maintaining an airway and ensuring blood is flowing isn't something I think would make for a good experience. I'm often guilty of waking up in the middle of the night with "Old Man's bladder syndrome" and dropping out of the back of my vehicle onto the ground or climbing out of the tent to go and irrigate the local flora and fauna. I often think about where my feet are going but sometimes do not due to my own stupidity and level of hydration pre slumber. It's kind of like stepping on a cactus, you don't think it will ever happen to you until the realization you just did.
I, too, suffer from an enlarged prostate. It actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise, when I finally went to an urologist about it, we found I had bladder cancer. We caught it in the early stage, and after treatment I am in full remission. But anyway, I bought, at Gander Mountain, one of those red urinal dohickeys that hunters use in treestands. Same design that hospitals use, but a lot tougher. I no longer get out of bed at night, I just roll over on my side and use that. Even if you don't want to use it at your house, I would highly recommend it to you for when you are in a sleeping bag.
I use a big gatoraid bottle. I am always amazed when guys complain about getting up frequently when camping but would not consider the use of a pee bottle.

The person who invents the stealth zipper on tents and sleeping bags will change the world.
I like to use the big gulp Mountain Dew bottles, that way after a night of drinking in the morning when you're craving a dew, it's like Mt. Dew Russian Roulette!!!

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I like to use the big gulp Mountain Dew bottles, that way after a night of drinking in the morning when you're craving a dew, it's like Mt. Dew Russian Roulette!!!
That blind guy that climbed Everest said that actually happened to him...grabbed the wrong bottle for a drink!
oh heck...might as well resurface this thread lol.

I use a rtt and found a transmission funnel works wonders out the side. Unfortunatly I need a slightly longer one as I still get some dusty runs down the side of the cruiser. Peestriping, ;)
Oh crap...snake bite treatment. Um...dont get bitten :D

Seriously though, that is my personal treatment as I cant afford the $250,000 treatment. Heard the chance of dying is slim for a young person in good health but the pain is almost unbearable.

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Fortunately dogs (and even cats) survive rattlesnake bites an overwhelming percentage of the time. It is an agonizing experience for them, however, with the added confusion because they don't understand why it hurts so badly . . .
We have seen a lot of snakes this year already. Watch your step.... I'm most worried about the stupid dog really.
A friend had his dog trained with the rattlesnake avoidance training. He told me how they did it. I saw a large bull snake near my place, so put the training collar on the dog and let her find the snake. I didnt say anything, just buzzed her when she went up to it, she jumped back and barked at it like crazy. She wont get too close to them now. When bull snakes show up in the yard I can tell by the bark. So far no rattlesnakes, but I'm glad for the general suspicion and fear of snakes she has.
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